Please find below a list of frequently asked questions. If you have any specific questions about your journey with Dr Saadie, please call our practice or contact us via the contact page.

How much will my pregnancy, labour and antenatal process cost with Dr Saadie?

During your first appointment with Dr Saadie, you will be provided with a payment schedule specifying the cost of each appointment and other cost considerations.  The particular cost to you will depend on any relevant medical conditions, special requirements, test results and the health and development of you and your baby.  Health fund membership level will also impact your out of pocket expenses.  Speak to a member of Dr Saadie’s team for further information or to discuss any concerns.

In what cases is an amniocentesis performed?

If the results of your 12 week nuchal translucency scan class you as ‘high risk’, foetal chromosomal studies (CVS or amniocentesis) are recommended. Should this situation occur, Dr Saadie will discuss your options with you.

What tests will be performed during my pregnancy?

Please see Your pregnancy journey with Dr Saadie to see tests performed at each stage of your pregnancy. Other tests may be necessary because of special considerations. If you are aware of any health issues or past medical problems (personal or in the family) that may have an impact on your pregnancy, please inform Dr Saadie.

What do I need to bring along to each appointment with Dr Saadie?

Please bring your patient card with you to each appointment, along with any results of tests performed outside of Dr Saadie’s practice.  You will also need to bring means of payment as each appointment is paid for on the day (Dr Saadie’s team will provide you with a payment schedule).

What happens if Dr Saadie is unavailable during my labour?

Occasionally Dr Saadie is required to attend seminars and conferences; unfortunately under such circumstances he may not be available for deliveries and will have another doctor (locum) take his place.  In addition, Dr Saadie may not be available one weekend per month.

Do I need to book myself into my chosen hospital?

Yes – an appointment must be made with the hospital of your choice (Sydney Adventist Hospital, Norwest Private Hospitall) to arrange your maternity booking.  These hospitals will notify you of current bed charges when you book.